little update from me

i just thought i'd do a little update since a surprisingly huge amount of people still look at this haha. this does not mean i'm going to post more regularly. you can follow more of what i'm doing on instagram @ocampus. i'm more than happy to answer questions/feedback on there. if there's enough interest, i'll … Continue reading little update from me


fender mirrors

if you were contemplating fender mirrors on an x8, think again. not many people have do so and there's reason behind it. you can't buy style a lot of people know this car as it is now. this is how it looked before 😀 here's an example of black misc fender mirrors. just seeing it … Continue reading fender mirrors

the x80s of gumtree part v

as you know by now, gumtree brings out the most 'interesting' x8s on the Australian market. today's search was no different from the last. recently, the mcm tax has gotten out of hand with stock mx83s asking for 3k+. the first result did not surprise me. this car had just under 100k kms but as … Continue reading the x80s of gumtree part v

senior’s club

so after the unfortunate incident of the x8, i have since moved on to simpler things. i wanted one ever since i saw it for the first and last time five years ago. i've always said i would own one and after the x8 was gone, i went in search. it took me a good … Continue reading senior’s club

the ever changing cressida

the lifetime of looks